1. Brooklyn, Colm Toibin
    This was a pick for my book club. A tad unrealistic I thought, but a pleasant read.
  2. Sweetland, Michael Crummey
    Found out about this from the "All the Books" podcast. Lovely and sad. Really enjoyed it.
  3. And West is West, Ron Childress
    I saw the cover blurb from Barbara Kingsolver, so I was automatically in. Liked the writing a lot, interesting premise and characters. Unfortunately I was a little disappointed in the ending. Felt a little uninspired to me.
  4. Sorcerer to the Crown, Zen Cho
    Heard about this book from multiple sources, so I had to pick it up. Definitely enjoyed it, particularly the female lead character, but in comparison to the one fantasy book I read last year - Uprooted by Naomi Novik - this didn't blow me away. I will read the next one when it comes out and hope to be more excited about it - the potential is definitely there.
  5. Slade House, David Mitchell
    Great concept, creepy setting, and I really enjoyed it overall, but the explanation/mythology of this "haunted house" story fell a bit short of my expectation. Will definitely read more David Mitchell, though
  6. Speak, Louisa Hall
    I completely loved this book. It ate up all my brain space for several days and made me really want others to read it so I could talk about it with them. Lovely writing, interesting characters, fascinating premise, relatively short chapters, it was all good!
  7. American Housewife, Helen Ellis
    Love love love these short stories. I usually have a hard time finishing short story collections, but this one was so funny and sarcastic, occasionally poignant, and sometimes downright dark and disturbing and I loved every bit of it.
  8. Our Souls at Night, Kent Haruf
    Picked this up because it is on the list for Tournament of Books, and I am trying to read as many of those as I can so I know who to root for. This one was lovely to read, just a small, quiet, beautiful and wistful novel. Really liked it.
  9. After Birth, Elisa Albert
    A well written and satisfyingly unapologetic feminist rant. In the best way possible. An angry, sad, brutally honest and extremely important novel.
  10. My Brilliant Friend, Elena Ferrante
    Fantastic. Coming-of-age stories about bookish girls with complex female friendships in fascinating settings are totally my wheelhouse. Loved it!