Jewish reads for Bastille day

  1. Suite Française by Irène Nēmirovsky
    "A lost masterpiece of French literature, this epic novel of life under Nazi occupation was discovered 63 years after the author's tragic death at Auschwitz"
  2. Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 by Francine Prose
    "A richly imagined and stunningly inventive literary masterpiece of love, art, and betrayal, exploring the genesis of evil, the unforeseen consequences of love, and the ultimate unreliability of storytelling itself"
  3. A Man in Uniform by Kate Taylor
    "At the height of the Belle Époque, François Dubon leads a well ordered life in the bourgeois quarters of Paris' eighth arrondissement..."
  4. The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
    "France, 1939, the quiet village of Carriveau, Vianne Mauriac says goodbye to her husband, Antoine, as he heads for the front..."
  5. The Invisible Bridge
    "Paris, 1937, Andres Lévi, a Hungarian- Jewish architecture student arrives from with a scholarship, a singe suitcase, and a mysterious letter he promised to deliver..."
  6. Happy are the Happy by Yasmina Reza
    "The internationally acclaimed playwright and novelist Yasmina Reza stages a band of eighteen characters at war with their lives, with only humor to sustain them"
  7. The Time of the Uprooted by Ellie Wiesel
    Gamaliel Friedman is only a children when his family flees Czechoslovakia in 1939 for he relative safety in Hungary"
  8. Dora Bruder by Patrick Modiano
    "A montage of creative historical material, is Modiano's personal rumination on loss, both memoir and memorial"
  9. Little Jewel by Patrick Modiano
    One day in the corridors of the metro, nineteen year old Thèrèse glimpses a women in a yellow coat. Could this be the mother that abandoned her? Is she still alive? Desperate for answers that have tormented her childhood, Thèrèse pursues the mysterious figure on a quest through the streets of Paris"
  10. Pedigree by Patrick Modiano
    "In this rare glimpse into the life of Nobel laureate Patrick Modiano, the author takes up his pen to tell his personal story"