This Week's New #JewLit Reviews

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  1. On Tyranny - Timothy Snyder
    The election of Donald Trump, Holocaust scholar Timothy Snyder cautions, has created a political challenge to our democratic form of government that's all too familiar. Read the full review:
  2. Two Worlds Exist - Yehoshua November
    Yehoshua November's poetry is flushed with moments of light piercing the veil of darkness covering what November would view as this lower of two worlds. Read the full review:
  3. The Essential Hayim Greenburg
    Although Hayim Greenberg assigned himself the task of articulating Jewish collective demands, no one was less parochial in his curiosity. Fluent in Hebrew, Yiddish, Russian, German, and English, he exhibited the knack of reconciling universalism with particularism. Read the full review:
  4. A Contract with God - Will Eisner
    An intimate portrait of immigrant life in the 1930s Bronx, 'A Contract with God' is an homage to a vanished world—not a glorified past, but a past with all its faults and ugliness. Read the full review:
  5. American Jewry: Transcending the European Experience
    Scholarship has long assumed that American Judaism was founded on influences from Europe. But what did American Jewish culture and practice send back? Read the full review here: