What We Read This Month: JBC Staff Picks for April 2017

Looking for a good book? Find out what the Jewish Book Council staff read and recommends!
  1. Suzanne
    'Disobedience: A Novel' by Naomi Alderman extremely interesting story of a young woman who fled her ultra-Orthodox life, only return for the first time after the death of her father, the head rabbi of a London Jewish community. This story deals with her re-connection of what was and how she deals with this past and her current life. I highly suggest this thoroughly thought-provoking book. Can't wait to see how they make this into an upcoming movie!
  2. Carol
    In Joshua Cohen’s 'Moving Kings,' two directionless Israelis, Yoav and Uri, have just completed their army service and get jobs working in Yoav's uncle's moving company in Queens. Cohen's portrayal of the grim, gritty, often brutal world they inhabit—and the one they inhabited in the IDF—is boldly drawn in what is often insanely insightful and mordantly funny prose. Hard-hitting and entertaining, this is Cohen's most accessible novel yet.
  3. Becca
    'The Tincture of Time: a Memoir of (Medical) Uncertainty' by Elizabeth L. Silver is one of the most poignant and thought-provoking memoirs I've read. As an infant, Silver's daughter has an unexplained brain bleed. While she relentlessly seek medical answers, Silver also looks for solace in religion, literature, history, and the law. This memoir is a beautiful exploration of situations in which the only thing that can provide a definite answer is time.
  4. Miri
    'And After the Fire' by Lauren Belfer is a great read for book clubs—it even won the Book Club category in the 2016 National Jewish Book Award—as it raises all sorts of larger questions about obligation, religion, culture and art, and responsibilities.
  5. Nat
    I’m in love with Elan Mastai’s speculative fiction novel 'All Our Wrong Todays,' the chronicles of a hapless accidental time traveler from “the world we were supposed to have,” 2016. Mastai fuses human foible with heroism in a cast of flawed, characters hurtled toward and away from one another by the full range from passion to the pettiest of pursuits. Steered by a series of successive failures and fail-safes, the novel takes readers on a rare, captivating caper across the channels of time.
  6. I'm also in the middle of 'Sonora: A Novel' by Hannah Lillith Assadi, a hazy yet cutting account of adolescence and displacement in the Arizona desert, where the daughter of a Palestinian father and Israeli mother discovers sex, drugs, dreams, and premonitions of death.
  7. Naomi
  8. Evie
  9. Carolyn