Did you set new reading goals for 2017? So did we! Track how Jewish Book Council's staff is kicking off a new year of reading, starting with our January 2017 #JewLit #staffpicks at www.jewishbookcouncil.org!
  1. Suzanne
    Families! From dysfunction to love! Judy Batalion’s memoir WHITE WALLS is about living with mother who exists in piles of junk and stuff, grandparents that are Holocaust survivors, and a life of total dysfunction. Through reading this story we can all see something to relate to in one's own mother-daughter relationship.
  2. Naomi
  3. Carol
    MOONGLOW is Michael Chabon at his creative and joyful best: playful and serious, musical and surprising, with tremendous imaginative reach. For me, one of his best!
  4. Becca
    Conceived of long before the last election, TELL ME HOW THIS ENDS WELL is set in a dystopian United States in which casual anti-Semitism is the norm. It's been fascinating—and chilling—to read about this society that eerily reflects the political trends of today.
  5. Joyce
    Mary Glickman had me hooked from the beginning with the richly drawn characters and settings of AN UNDISTURBED PEACE.
  6. Miri
    Diane Ackerman’s THE ZOOKEEPER'S WIFE is a WWII book unlike most others—not only does it feature detailed zoological descriptions, it exists in a world where almost everyone is part of the underground resistance against the Nazis.
  7. Nat
    I constantly advocate for reading literature that challenges your personal perception of the world, so to start off the new year I decided to follow my own advice with SALT HOUSES by Hala Alyan, a novel about a Palestinian family forced from their home in Nablus during the ’67 War, following four generations from Kuwait to Lebanon to Boston and back.
  8. Static
    I also read Ayelet Gundar-Goshen’s WAKING LIONS, a similarly challenging novel about love, corruption, and racial tensions in Israel’s Negev Desert.
  9. Static
    This week I’m picking up VULTURE IN A CAGE, a stunning new translated collection of the poetry of Solomon ibn Gabirol.
  10. Static
    Following up last week’s reread of Lynn Povich’s memoir THE GOOD GIRLS REVOLT with Bonnie S. Anderson’s biography of Ernestine Rose, THE RABBI'S ATHEIST DAUGHTER. Bonnie, Lynn, and ALL THE SINGLE LADIES author Rebecca Traister will be speaking about Jewish women’s movements throughout American history as part of Jewish Book Council’s third season of Unpacking the Book: Jewish Writers in Conversation—if you’ll be in New York this spring, sign up for the FREE program at www.jewishbookcouncil.org!
  11. Evil
  12. Carolyn