And the responses
  1. man why do you say that over the phone
    well we were texting the exact same thing, I'm sorry
  2. meet me up at the Taco Bell
    Sure thing
  3. Can you actually pick me up at the Taco Bell and drop me in Hollywood?
    Ummmm yea, of course sure why not
  4. I got court tomorrow man some DUI
    good luck with that, Fuckin cops man
  5. meet me at the burger kind across From the Taco Bell
    Sure thing
  6. dude remember that guy you met last time at the apartment? I clocked that bitch in the mouth because he didn't act right
    Oh wow...that's much is it again?
  7. you wanna go get high now?
    naw I got a lot of reading to do
  8. I just wanna work with animals
    I can totally see that.