facts about me!!
  1. My name is Jocelynn and I am 15 years old
    pronounced joss uh lin
  2. Aries
  3. favorite tv shows are teen wolf and girl meets world
    stydia and rilaya 4 lyfe
  4. Some women that I look up to are Amy Winehouse and Selena Quintanilla
    legends never die!!
  5. Intersectional feminist!
  6. Obsessed with movies/fashion from the 70s & 90s
  7. love Chinese food
  8. love reading books and collecting old records
  9. brushing my teeth is my favorite pastime
  10. would one day want to become an actress
  11. would also want to write for rookie mag or teen collective
  12. WOULD ALSO want to be in a wiissa film!!
    passionate subject
  13. dog enthusiast
  14. favorite sport is baseball
    hmu baseball boys ;)
  15. I can play tennis well
    emphasis on "well"
  16. can bend my thumb all the way back
    I know gross
  17. I can speak Spanish fluently
  18. guilty pleasure: double dipping