*patiently awaits the day I add Adele to this list*
  1. Lady Gaga
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    The Monster Ball; Live at Roseland; artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball; Cheek to Cheek Tour. All these shows were so different and amazing. Gaga is truly such an incredible artist and captivates me every time she hits the stage. I love watching her pour her heart out on stage.
  2. Justin Timberlake
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    The 20/20 Experience World Tour. One of the best nights of my life. 2 1/2 hours of amazing music. JT has just gotten better with age. That tour was such a spectacle, such a perfect time to see him live.
  3. Beyoncé
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    On the Run Tour. I mean come on, she's Queen B.. Saw her slay the stage with her hubby JAY Z, and she owned the evening. SO GOOD.
  4. Tori Kelly
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    Where I Belong Tour. This girl can SAAAAANG. Tori is so insanely talented & she's just beginning. Can't wait to see her really take off!
  5. Kelly Clarkson
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    2012 Summer Tour w/The Fray; Microsoft Store Grand Opening; Honda Civic Tour w/Maroon 5. Kelly is THE Original American Idol. I'd been wanting to see KC live since she won and after 10 years, I was finally able to. Seeing her live was well worth the wait.
  6. Ed Sheeran
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    RED Tour; Multiply Tour; Multiply Stadium Tour. Ed is such a talented singer/songwriter who is even better live. How he does it all on his own amazes me. It's been awesome seeing how his shows have gotten bigger and his audience has grown in just a couple of years.
  7. Jon Foreman
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    The Wonderlands Tour. Jon is one of my favorite lead singers (Switchfoot) and finally seeing him perform his solo stuff live was such a special experience. Such a genuinely talented guy and artist.
  8. Taylor Swift
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    Fearless Tour, RED Tour, 1989 Tour. I remember when I found Taylor on MySpace way back when and its been amazing watching how she's evolved over the years on her tours. T-Swift is a powerhouse who puts on a spectacular show & has improved with each and every show.
  9. Drake
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    The Jungle Tour; Austin City Limits. My favorite rapper. Witnessed Drake live for the first time back in May and just HAD to see him again when he went to ACL. He had me hyped and feeling all type of ways during his show, love that man.
  10. Sam Smith
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    Austin City Limits. This man has the voice of an angel. He truly blew me away when I saw/heard him live. He's so, so talented & has done so well for being just 23.