Jewish boys are bae. That is all. End of discussion.
  1. Jonah Hill
    Whether he's Jonah hill of "Jonah mountain" this jew is forever my man crush
  2. Adam Levine
    With the voice of the angel and tattoos to match...who wouldn't want a night with that god
  3. Jimmy Fallon
    Nothing else needs to be said about this comedic genius
  4. Andrew Garfield
    I'll spider his man
  5. I would spend all my savings to mazel his tov
  6. Adam Brody
    Leighton Meester, you are one lucky girl
  7. Andy Samberg
    You had me at shalom
  8. Dave Franco
    What girl or guy wouldn't want to be daves shiksha
  9. Zac Efron
    Abs. Nuff said.