Random things that come out of my boyfriends mouth. Disclaimer: some are just bad and that is what makes them funny
  1. When I sleep I'm sandwiched between my parents and sister
    Out of context this is a golden so I won't tell you what led to that statement
  2. Sometimes when you speak I think you're an immigrant
    I'll be sure to let me Cuban grandmother know that one but disclaimer:*to be fair I am a Cuba-rican from Miami with no accent and sometimes my roots come out*
  3. There should really be a company that rents out babies on Halloween so you can dress them up
  4. Ooh I do love a man in uniform *insert chest shimmy*
    Is there something you need to tell me...
  5. Sorry I'm not an expert burger eater
    Said in complete innocence about his burger eating capabilities to my roommates boyfriend. My roommates last name just so happens to be Berger (pronounced the same as the former)
  6. "Sprang break is gonna be filled with beer and crown russe"
    To which I responded sometimes when you speak I hate you