I need help figuring out whether I am being an overly sensitive millennial, or if this really is in poor taste. Listers, assemble! (Please relist so more and more people can add to the conversation)
  1. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed yesterday as I do at least four times a day because I am a trendy millennial who loves the Internet
  2. When I came across a pretty troubling photo of a friend from high school
  3. I might be completely overreacting, but this photo seriously rubbed me the wrong way.
  4. Is it funny to make fun of the struggle of homeless people? Am I missing the joke about extreme poverty? Am I that humorless that I can't even muster up a chuckle about millions of struggling people around the world?
  5. Please give me your opinions. Am I being too sensitive about this picture, or does it actually suck as much as I think it sucks?
  6. For reference, a mutual friend of ours posted a thread of tweets about the photo and I think it might be a good reference to build your opinion