as requested by @PeteOnEarth hope this fits your fancy
  1. Moves like Jagger - Maroon 5
    Why didn't anyone tell me how unnecessary my attendance at high school parties was. This song comprised a lot of questionable shimmying and competitive gyrating.
  2. All of Me - John Legend
    Picture this: senior prom, froufrou red dress, slow jam comes on and every hetero couple partners up for the last dance of the night. Yeah, it was THAT cheesy.
  3. Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars
    He thought he was being romantic as he lip sung this into my ear (to be fair, he was, I'm just cynical about it now).
  4. Someone Like You - Adele
    Back in this time we didn't have Hello to console our broken hearts, so a ballad from 21 would have to suffice.
  5. These all seem pretty top 40, and for good reason: my last relationship was long enough ago during my youth when I didn't explore past the popular, mainstream music. Maybe with future relationships and subsequent lists regarding their playlists, my choices will be a little more cultured and colorful ✨