Honourable Mentions: The Martian, Macbeth, The Duke of Burgundy, Mommy, Whiplash, John Wick, Straight Outta Compton, It Follows
  1. Amy
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    Terrifically well-balanced, insightful and emotional
  2. Ex Machina
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    The best science fiction film in years. Manages to be exciting as well as contemplative
  3. Timbuktu
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    One of the most human stories of the year. Charming and tragic
  4. Selma
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    Intelligently structured in a way few biopics are. Performances and script are just as finely tuned
  5. Inside Out
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    A funny, imaginative animation that just so happens to be a fascinating insight into melancholy and emotional development
  6. Inherent Vice
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    A fever dream of drugs, corruption, paranoia and loss as the decade of promise is left behind. Beautiful and spellbinding if you let yourself get lost in it
  7. 45 Years
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    It's hard for a movie to be both uplifting and devastating, especially when it's such a small, down-to-earth story. Charlotte Rampling gives the best performance of the year
  8. Mad Max: Fury Road
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    What a lovely day!
  9. Sicario
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    The story isn't anything new, but it's executed with such unrelenting tension and raw emotion it's impossible to look away
  10. Avengers: Age of Ultron
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    While it suffers greatly from pacing issues, it's thematically-rich and more comic-booky than any other superhero movie