When selling me something became so much more
  1. Honorable mention: Snickers - Patrick Chewing
    Some commercials are great for the one line quotes they bring about. The honorable mention list are as such.
  2. Honorable Mention: E Trade Baby - Shankapotumus
  3. Honorable mention: Cingular - BFF Jill
  4. Honorable mention: Burger King - Chicken Fries. "Maybe, I do wanna be a French Fry"
  5. Kia Sorento - Frames This commercial is an instance of right place, right time. Just as I was forming and developing a passion for music and the discovery of artists, I found this. Andrew Schar's "Where I'll be" fanned the flames of my interest in music. I restlessly wondered who sang this song, parsing through YouTube and YouTube comments to get any indication of who sang the song. It brought me to a Facebook page of a man from South Africa. That feeling of discovery never left me.
  6. Google - Parisian Love So simple, subtle, and yet brilliant. A story of romance told through searches of Google. Less is more.
  7. Nike - LeBron and Kobe Puppets I've never had so much fun watching a series of commercials. These puppets brought serious laughs and great memories into my life. They almost seemed like a mini tv series - rap battles, 1 v 1 battles, santa clause and reindeer battles, mysteries. The puppets had it all. LeBron has no equal in terms of great commercials. But no commercial he ever made took you on a hysterical adventure as his puppet alter ego.
  8. Guinness Beer - Wheelchair A commercial that makes me proud of humanity to an excessive degree. Beer commercials shouldn't be making me so emotional. This one did. As a side note, there is a equally powerful knock-off by Canadian Tire. Link is here:
  9. Ram Trucks - Farmer My All-Time Favorite. Brought an obsession for the radio great Paul Harvey, an appreciation for the way of life I've never known, and a greater connection to the life my Grandpa used to live. Fantastically sentimental.