Hamilton Fan Art I've Made So Far

Well, I'm Hamiltrash, as anyone who's been following me knows, and I've started making fan art and stuff. So here are the first few pieces I've made. I expect there's going to be a lot more. :)
  1. Groovy portrait of LMM as Hamilton
  2. Type treatment with all the different things they call Hamilton in the show.
  3. An art based on the "vine and fig tree" line from "One Last Time"
  4. Thomas Jefferson, and I had to draw him in that bangin' purple outfit Daveed Diggs wears in the show.
  5. And the mug which has the type on one side....
  6. And hamilton's face on the other. :)
  7. I think I might make some Burr stuff this weekend.
  8. Also I'm pimping it so you know, my shop is here: