This list is not spoiler free!!! Cersei is complicated. You have some characters that you love to hate. But Cersei is the character I hate to love. She's a psychotic trash pile yet she's so compelling I can't help it.
  1. Let's talk about her rocking that black dress with the silver stuff on the shoulders like Megamind
  2. Let's talk about her locking the septa in the room with Ser Gregor and chanting "Shame... Shame... shame..." as she shut the door behind her Holy crap
  3. How about her "confession" to the chained-up septa. Every line was gold.
  4. How about her watching the sept explode from her balcony while she stood there drinking wine
  5. Let's admit that that whole plot of hers was pretty baller, as she literally got almost everyone out of the way who was a threat to her (I was sorry to see Margaery go but man...)
  6. I have to respect the fact that the end of last season saw this woman being paraded through the city naked with peasants throwing literal shit at her and the end of this one saw her getting crowned and seated on the iron throne.
  7. You may slow her down, but you will never stop her because she is meaner and crazier than you.