Not spoiler free!!!
  1. F you for making me watch Steve bury Peggy
  2. Am I wrong to have a weird visceral reaction to him flirting with Peggy's niece after the funeral?
  3. Aunt May appears to be Benjamin Buttoning her way through these Spider-Man movies
  4. Did I mention my weird visceral reaction to Steve making out with Peggy's niece?
  5. Vision in polo shirts and cardigans weirds me out but is also strangely adorable
  6. So much of this movie is the bromance of Steve and Bucky
  7. Marvel movies do such nice animations for their credits
  8. Wanda Maximoff deserves her own story.
  9. This movie was funny and had emotional moments and moved well and I really don't know what everyone was complaining about
  10. Who leaves a marvel movie before the credits are over?? Like who doesn't wait for the Easter egg?
  11. BLACK PANTHER!! <3 <3 <3