The Last Five Books I Read With My Son

  1. The entire Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, by Douglas Adams.
    Yes, all five books. He even sat through the one that was mostly a love story. The number 42 cracks him up and probably always will.
  2. The Invention of Hugo Cabret, by Brian Selznick
    I still never saw the Scorsese movie based on this book but it's a neat little mystery and is not shy about its love for movie history
  3. The Witch's Boy, by Kelly Barnhill
    A wonderful story about magic and also about families coping with loss. It's got enough action and adventure and hardship that it's not overly gentle for a ten year old boy, but never comes anywhere near being too dark or age-inappropriate. Bonus points for handling of gender roles.
  4. The Eighth Day, by Diane K Salerni
    Almost anything would be a letdown after the first three items on this list but this actually wasn't bad. Contemporary setting but ties into Arthurian legend in an unexpected way. The prose was a little flat footed but it was a decently plotted story with interesting twists and turns.
  5. The Door in the Wall, Marguerite di Angeli
    A children's classic, too snoozy for my thrill seeking ten year old boy. A boy in medieval London after the Plague regaining the use of his legs and preparing to be reunited with his family. Lots of morals and lessons and stuff.