1. Sansa Stark being stone f*cking cold. My little baby is grown up now and she is a PLAYER.
  2. Tormund. Just, everything Tormund. Tormund biting the dude's throat open. Tormund inviting Davos to drink nasty ass Wildling booze. Tormund not understanding strategy. Everything Tormund.
  3. Jon Snow beating Ramsey Bolton till his face looked like jelly and then Ramsey getting eaten by his own dogs.
    Sidebar: I can't believe how violent this show has made me "YEAH RIP HIS GUTS OUT AND FEED THEM TO HIM!!!"
  4. F*CKING "DRAKARYS"!! Dragons raining hellfire is like my favorite thing. Almost.
  5. Grey Worm being badass. Also almost my favorite thing. I have feelings about Grey Worm.
  6. Yara Greyjoy negotiating with Danaerys. That is my favorite thing.
  7. Lyanna Mormont's epic stink eye for Ramsey Bolton
  8. The end