1. Is the guy who plays Weller a terrible actor, or the terriblest?
  2. Or is the character supposed to be a meathead and the actor is just method AF?
  3. Watching him do scenes with Marianne Jean-Baptiste is like watching Hulk Hogan do a scene with Helen Mirren
  4. My ten year old could have written this dialogue
  5. Why is Jane's hair still messed up? It's been 22 episodes since they pulled her out of that duffel bag.
  6. Why do they still call her Jane when they've known since like Episode 5 that she was Taylor Shaw
  7. I fear for Director Mayfair's safety. Bethany, don't skip out on your house arrest! You have very high odds of getting killed by a stray bullet!!
    *and I was right apparently. Add Bethany Mayfair to the list
  8. And my final thought... WHY AM I WATCHING BLINDSPOT??