What I Enjoyed About Eurovision 2016

  1. Albanian Beyonce rocking a cape
    Ok this is her promo pic which gives her more of a Melisandre from Game of Thrones vibe. If I find performance pics from tonight I'll replace it later
  2. Croatia's crazy dress
    You have to respect a lady who will show up rocking THAT
  3. Poland's "Weird Al Does Les Miz" getup
  4. The number at the end that the two hosts did where they incorporated highlights of past years and gave us :
  5. Snow
  6. Dude in Hamster wheel (TM)
  7. The Flaming Piano (TM)
  8. Shirtless guys playing drums
  9. Old man playing ethnic instrument nobody has ever heard of
  10. Albanian ladies baking bread. Why? Why does this belong in a musical number? Ssshhh. Don't fight it.
  11. Gold %}^}^#*#*€€}€ Lamé
  12. Suggestive Butter Churning Girl
  13. As usual it was mostly a campy cheese fest but I loved it