I'm not sure these are guilty pleasures, just atypical things that I enjoy.
  1. Listening to Motown music.
    There is no explanation. I just feel slightly edgy when I sing the Temptations.
  2. Not eating bananas.
    Love the flavor, hate the texture, but I feel morally wrong not eating one at least every few months.
  3. Laughing loudly at standup comics.
    I am referring to practicing this in public with my headphones in, so I look like a crazy person.
  4. Peace, Love, and Little Donuts.
    60's inspired psychedelic donut chain in the area I live. They are heaven in a box. Also weight gain.
  5. Cheerwine.
    In the same vein as PL&LD, Carolinian drink that happens to be peddled in my hometown area. It is the best carbonated beverage in the world.
  6. Talking to animals like they are humans.
    I have loud conversations with animals as if they were adult acquaintances. "And how was your day? That's swell. Anything new? Any big news? No? Ok."