Things I did at age 13, that I didn't realize were cultural appropriation

I didn't know better, I was just raised on hip hop and also a dorky suburban kid
  1. 4.
    Made my screen name Onyx24946
    I just really liked the song "Slam", I didn't realize Onyx was a gem known for its blackness, maybe the other 24945 Onyxs on Aol could have told me.
  2. 3.
    Compared Moses and Aaron to Puff Daddy and Ma$e in my bar mitzvah speech
    I'm sure this happened in lots of Shuls in the 90's, but it wouldn't fly today. Actually this probably still happens...
  3. 2.
    Rocked a '96 Dream Team Hakeem Olajuwon jersey with snow camo pants
    Actually, no one would shame this, this is just awesome.
  4. 1.
    Checked the "African-American" box on my Columbia House Record Club application and also lied about my age
    That's right Columbia House, there's a 36 year old African American man named Moskowitz and he wants 12 records for a penny!