I swear to god, I'm 90% sure it's how I got my girlfriend
  1. 😸
    Everyone uses smiley emojis, differentiate yourselves with the kitty ones
  2. 😺
    They are like normal emojis, but kitty kats, if the Internet has taught us anything it's that everyone loves kitty kats
  3. 😻
    If you send them to a potential paramour, you will demonstrate humor, confidence, sweetness and an ironic sense of humor at the same time
  4. 😽
    This guy blushes when he kisses because he's so cute and cuddly
  5. 😼
    Use this kitty kat for innuendo/naughty texts
  6. 🙀
    Edvar Munsch never looked so fuzzy
  7. 😿
    If someone lets you down, a crying cat will twist the knife a bit harder than a regular crying emoji would
  8. 😹 😾
    Admittedly, I don't use these kitty's as much, but c'mon, their pretty damn cute