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  1. I read an article about a woman who took care of 100s of gay men with AIDS in the 80s and 90s
    For a lot of you, you won't remember this time or you weren't even born yet. But it was a terrible, tragic thing to observe.
  2. The man I am interested in said he loves me.
    This should make me happy but I know he is going to disappear for awhile because he can't handle honest emotion.
  3. The woman I am interested in thinks I'm sweet and adorable.
    Again, it should make me happy, but I don't think it bodes well for a romantic future.
  1. So.Many.Lists
  2. MyFitnessPal
    Must analyze food choices, more
  3. 645 Pro
    Can my iPhone really replace my SLR?
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  1. Where are all the California zombies? Massive relocation to the East coast?
  2. How did Nick get out of the sand pit of zombies?
  3. How did Chris not blow Reed's head off at close range?
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  1. Out of pajamas and into pants by noon
  2. Wake up just in time to log onto computer
  3. Screw counting steps as it takes 38 to refill coffee
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  1. All the leggings you could want
  2. Stores show you what your a@ would look like in said leggings
  3. Burn a candle to whomever you desire
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