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Seriously friends, you won't find better than...
  1. We Got This- starring Drunk History's Mark Gagliardi and The Thrilling Adventure Hour's Hal Lublin. Ever wondered if you should put ketchup on a hot dog? Who is the best Beatle? What's the best way to put on a roll of T.P (over or under?)??? Mark& Hal give definitive answers on these& more of life's meaningless quandaries.... & they're hilarious!
  2. The Thrilling Adventure Hour- starring Paget Brewster, Paul F. thompkins, Autumn Reeser, Busy Philips, Mark Gagliardi and more! Guest appearances by Jon Hamm, Jason Ritter, Emma Stone, Weird Al.... The list goes on! Brilliantly written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker and music by the Andy Paley Orchestra. You'll ❤️ it!
  1. 24
  2. Once Upon A Time
  3. The Twilight Zone
Some I've achieved, some I've outgrown, and some I'm still striving for...
  1. A singer, age 2
  2. An archeologist/ geologist, age 5
  3. A Disney Princess, age 7
8 more...
  1. E.T.
  2. The Wizard of OZ
  3. Mary Poppins
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7 photos from my phone which give more insight into who I am.
  1. East West Studios - where I filmed yesterday for PBS with Disney Legend Richard M. Sherman and director Don Hahn.
  2. Dindi, the 3 year old koala at Healesville Sanctuary near Melbourne. He stole my heart.
  3. Richard Kraft, who turned me on to this fantastic new app and made me infinitely more cool. Thanks Richard!
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