1. Who decided to make this a select bus? What are the points of these receipts? I already paid for an unlimited! And it only skips one stop! It's no faster than the regular one!
    ^^technically many thoughts, but they're said all at once, without spaces and with plenty of anger at 7:57am.
  2. Huh, I actually feel awake! Guess I don't have to pay for Starbucks today.
  3. Yay an open single seat!
  4. Should I stand? Is it pathetic that I'm a spritely 23 year-old and I don't want to stand first thing in the morning?
  5. Screw it, I'm sitting. Better for book holding anyway.
  6. Oh hiiii random person across from me, what are you reading?
  7. Okay, now I'm staring. Back to my book.
  8. Wow, that guy's really cute.
  9. Wow, that guy's pulling out his ALGEBRA TEXTBOOK YOU ARE GOING TO HELL.
  10. Sigh. Where's the closest Starbucks.