1. "Ugghhh, this is happening again?"
    Seriously: it's like there's an election happening every five minutes over there. Suddenly our Facebook feeds are overrun with candidate hyperbole, think pieces, and hyperbolic thinkpieces about candidates.
  2. (long sigh) "I guess I should figure out who's who."
    SNL's going to be doing a bunch of political skits and I need to be able to laugh knowingly along! Oh and the US is our biggest trading partner and all that.
  3. "So um, Donald Trump is a real contender?"
    At least, that's how it seems from the couple of articles I've read and the concurrent freaking-out happening on social media.
  4. "I'm going to miss Obama!"
    We're so used to being jealous of the US having an articulate, liberal leader. Wait: now we've got one too!
  5. "America is set to spend $3 billion on this thing?!!!"
    Surely there's better ways to use that money!!!
  6. "Ok but seriously: why do you only have two parties to choose from?"
    There's 300 million of you: surely you can't divide everyone neatly into two camps?