As requested by @mdabski.
  1. Intrusive, bizarre cross promotional tie-ins (eg. Lorelei and Rory take Uber everywhere, everyone is eating Subway constantly)
  2. Richard Gilmore recreated using CG
  3. Majority of plotlines revolve around Kirk and Taylor bickering
  4. Lane spends the whole series having ANOTHER set of twins
  5. One word: Minions
  6. Okay, but Uber plot is allowed if Taylor is trying to ban them from Star's Hollow and Gil is leading a protest against him because he wants the cash.
    Suggested by @mdabski
  7. Any storyline where Rory drops out of something.
    Suggested by @mdabski
  8. And if Paris Gellar is in a thankless career, we come back with pitchforks.
    Suggested by @mdabski