1. Bruce Patman gets into Crossfit, becomes enmeshed in a supplement pyramid scheme
  2. Enid gets contact lenses, begins to attract more guys than Elizabeth
  3. Jessica has an uneventful summer
  4. Winston Egbert gets catfished
  5. Surprise, Regina Morrow ISN'T dead!
  6. The Oracle investigates why Sweet Valley High is the only high school with its own sorority
  7. The lavaliere necklaces go missing!
  8. The Dairi Burger restructures its menu
  9. The Wakefield parents decide Sweet Valley is obviously dangerous and move the whole family to Cleveland, Ohio.
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  10. Elizabeth quietly realizes things while meditating on her classmates in a string of consciousness narrative.
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  11. A new kid in school comes out as gay to absolutely no fanfare or drama and everyone acts appropriately. The book is more of a novella.
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  12. Everybody live tweets the Oscars.
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