1. Anyone who loves Two and a Half Men or the Big Bang Theory
    We are not going to get along
  2. Anyone who dislikes Broad City
    These people are dead to me.
  3. People who cut in line
    You are going to get cut next, that's what you is
  4. People who use the elevator to go up one floor
    These people are useless sacks of flesh
  5. Leelee Sobieski
    Leelee, you know what you did
  6. Anyone talking on a cell phone while in line to pay for something.
    Suggested by @mdabski
  7. People who say reading takes too long
    Suggested by @mdabski
  8. People who argue with TSA agents about what they can keep in their carry on.
    You can't win. What are you even doing.
    Suggested by @mdabski