Nothing like some good old-fashioned Canadian electoral humour to liven up your day, eh?
  1. Gail Shea is UPSET (please console her, the fish may revolt if she shows weakness)
  2. The Bloc (just give them a round of applause for not giving up in the face of rationality)
  3. The Green Party (like above, but like fucking x10)
  4. Justin Trudeau coming on stage, but instead of fog machines he just emerges amidst marijuana smoke
  5. Justin Trudeau coming on stage, only to pull off his face mask (Mission Impossible style, you know) only to reveal the perfectly kept face of... PIERRE ELLIOT TRUDEAU, (insert insane air horn symphony) our lord and savior, who faked his own death, waiting for this fateful day
  6. The Blue Jays being up 9-2 in the 4th inning????
  7. The Blue Jays almost fucking choking in the last inning after being in the lead 9-2???
  9. 24 Sussex Drive? More like 420 Sussex Drive!!!!!! JustBlaze🌵(there's no weed emoji I could find, please settle for this delightful Saguaro cactus instead)