In honour of the franchise's 20th anniversary, here's my personal list. I've spent hundreds of hours on these games, and even my least favourites mean a lot to me. (From least favourite to best)
  1. 6: Generation 6
    The story was weak, the villain was awful, the Champion was boring, the characters were forgettable and the gameplay was super boring - Mega Evolutions are AWESOME, but that + a lack of a real difficulty curve made the games a breeze, which took lots of the fun out of them. (X and Y) I liked what ORAS did to improve Hoenn's story, but there wasn't enough else to make it feel like a deserving remake. I should have just borrowed it from a friend.
  2. 5: Generation 2
    Johto just never really spoke to me, only a few really cool Pokemon and some good Gym Leaders/Elite 4, but the rival is great and the fact that ALL OF KANTO IS THERE is just insane so even though I have zero connection to this Generation, it's better than Gen 6.
  3. 4: Generation 1
    The original! Great Pokemon, memorable Gym Leaders, unbelievable music, so much good! Problem is that the actual game hasn't aged well at all, there are so many minor things with the actual mechanics of the game that make it hard to just pick up, especially when you're used to Gen 3-5 the most. Mostly here for the nostalgia of the anime, but it still has its virtues.
  4. 3: Generation 3
    I love this Gen. Amazing cities, the first real story for Pokemon (even if it needed a remake 10 years later to be fleshed out properly), unbelievable new Pokemon, I just really love Hoenn, though I'm not really sure why?
  5. 2: Generation 5
    I love Unova so much! Looks beautiful, sounds great, fantastic story, N is one of my favourite characters in the series, I love the new Pokemon, the Gyms were fun and the puzzles in them were suitably upgraded from the last Gen, good difficulty curve, FANTASTIC post-game - like hours and hours of new content after the Champion, it's so nice to have a reason to keep on playing for 20 hours after beating the game already.
  6. 1: Generation 4
    MY FAVE. I love Gen 4 with a fiery passion. Diamond /Platinum is like my 3rd or 4th favourite game of all time. It looks so good (especially comparing it to Gen 3), the characters are great, the Champion is the best in the series, the villain team is cool and fun and the lead villain is fascinating, the music is stellar, the Gyms are amazing even if not all the leaders are the best (8th gym makes up for it though), the best starter Pokemon ever, awesome new evolutions, just everything is perfect