I flew 200,000 miles last year and got some perks
  1. Thanks to a work project in Brazil, I made my entire way through the Delta ranks in a single year...all as a result of my ass in an airplane seat since my credit score is too low to get a card that gives miles
  2. First comes gold
    The perks are few but things like boarding first(ish) significantly eases the anxiety every female I know has about how heavy our carry on bags actually are and where the hell we're going to put them if the overhead is full
  3. Next comes Platinum
    The perks start to add up with platinum, especially if you aren't based out of Atlanta or Minneapolis. Upgrades become a regular thing and you start planning for a car service because there's a good chance you're going to get drunk on most flights
  4. The elusive Diamond
    Diamond is hardcore business travelers, celebrities and North Face athletes. By this time you haven't flown coach in, well, you can't even remember the last time. You never have to wait for anything and you don't worry that you're going to have to check your bag at the counter...ever. Traveling at this point is downright enjoyable.
  5. Then you realize you've grown accustomed to a certain standard...
  6. Like champagne the minute you sit down
  7. And a menu with options nicer than what you eat regularly
  8. And service like a 5 start restaurant
  9. Then you realize you can never go back to the pre-diamond life but if you aren't traveling 10,000 miles to Brazil every month, it isn't sustainable
  10. So enjoy your sliced beef with mango
  11. And your Kiehl's products
  12. And remember that all good things must come to an end.