Things I Love About Walter (my dog)

In honor of his 8th birthday
  1. He's got a face only a mother could love
    People tell me this all the time but if I'm being honest, I disagree. I think he's a conventional beauty
  2. He curbs my xanax intake
    I read somewhere that petting a dog can slow your heart rate during a panic attack. Who knows if that is true but I take a lot more xanax when I'm away from him
  3. He doesn't only make me happy
    He keeps his second family (my parents) happy too
  4. He keeps me from working 24/7
    Puppy snuggles keep me in bed longer and earlier
  5. He's great for sharing a meal
    Portillo's cheese fries are a fave
  6. He loves napping as much as I do
  7. No, but seriously
    All sleeping, all the time
  8. Happy birthday boo!
  9. I love you