But I'm trying to be better
  1. Drivers. Uber drivers get a slight pass but taxis and car services... fuccccccck you (mostly).
    I understand we all need resources to do our jobs but if you can't get me from PABT to 345 Park without GPS and for under $11, I'm going to be texting angrily to bored friends about you because this is your actual job and knowing where places are is kind of a critical job skill.
  2. Complaining about lack of sleep
    I get it, I really do, it's so stupid to get irritated by it but it's just so cliché. No one is getting enough sleep, and save me the "you don't have kids so you don't know" speech. You're right, I don't and you don't work 90 hours a week. Let's just all agree we're tired, take an adderall and get on with life. (I know... polarizing topic)
  3. Men in sleep masks
    I'm so childish, who would get angry about this? Me, that's who. I may be single forever unless someone tells men to stop doing this.
  4. People who troll mom bloggers
    Weird, right? In my previous job I used to pass the time reading blogs of all sorts, I don't so much anymore but there was this blogger mom in NYC who was harassed so aggressively online and on this blogger hate site that I would feel genuinely upset for her. There is an entire underground world of women on a site called GOMI which exists solely to trash bloggers and the fact that it secretly thrives in a world hell bent against bullying is beyond my comprehension.
  5. People who reply all with "thank you"
    No. Stop.