Better late than never, right? 😉 (Sorry for the delay, @veshecco )
  1. I am myself here more than anyone else and I've learned that I kinda like myself!
    I don't have to censor myself or be "good" or try not to reflect badly on anybody like I do elsewhere, esp. FB.
  2. Listers are the most supportive family anywhere.
    I owe my social media presence to y'all. Hell, I joined Bumpers today and got almost 30 followers without saying a single word! 😂
  3. Listers are just as much fun in real life.
    No awkwardness, no creeps, just love & laughter & fun in 3D!
  4. We are more alike than we are different.
    Seriously, we have people from all over the country and all parts of the world, but we have no problem finding things to talk about.
  5. At the same time, I've learned so much from our differences.
    My eyes & heart have been opened to LGBT issues, racism, refugees, political problems everywhere (Brexit, anyone?) I've learned SO MUCH from y'all!
  6. Age is only a number here.
    Seriously, we have teenagers, millennials, Gen Xerox, boomers and retirees here, coexisting and communicating!
  7. Holidays are awesome here.
    Secret Santa is so heartwarming to see and participate in!
  8. It's really hard to think of 10 things without drafts!
  9. So I'm just gonna close and say...
  10. I love all y'all to pieces!