1. My Grandma Gladys had a basket. One of those old-timey peach baskets.
  2. Years ago, it was trendy to sew fabric liners for them with cute little matching ribbons. She was crafty, and loved to sew.
  3. Hers sat on a table in the guest room, filled with photos. When I visited, I'd sit with the basket in my lap and look through them, remembering events and people I loved.
  4. As she got older, she developed dementia. She went into a nursing home and passed away years ago. Her belongings got mixed in with my parents'.
  5. When we all moved in together last year, I spotted the basket. It had gift wrap supplies in it. My mom mentioned gathering it up with yard sale stuff and donating it recently.
  6. I didn't want to give it up.
  7. Monday, I emptied it out and took it down to my bedroom. Before I could decide what to do with it...
  8. Max claimed it for his own.
  9. He sleeps in it now.
  10. Somehow I don't think Grandma Gladys would mind one bit.