Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. 6:40am
    Alarm goes off. I hit snooze a few times.
  2. 7:00am
    Wake up, greet cats, check phone, roll out of bed.
  3. 7:00am-7:40am
    Feed cats, get dressed, make coffee (half & half, Splenda), make breakfast (PB & honey on whole wheat), fill water bottle, grab lunch, say good morning & goodbye to parents and dogs upstairs, leave for work.
  4. 8:00-8:15am
    Arrive at work, get more coffee, go to office, get started.
  5. 8ish-5ish
    Work on any or all of the following: payroll, HR, web content management, designing flyers, catalogs or signs, ordering office supplies.
  6. 5:00pm
    Pack up, drive home.
  7. 5:30pm
    Greet dogs upstairs, greet parents, check snail mail. Go downstairs, feed cats, remove shoes and jewelry, go back upstairs for dinner.
  8. 6:00pm
    Dinner, small talk with parents, snuggle time with dogs
  9. 7:00ish
    Beat a hasty retreat back downstairs while parents turn on Fox News.
  10. 7:00-bedtime
    Snuggle cats, catch up on social media, TiVo, housework, rest.
  11. Bedtime (aim for 11ish, usually more like 12:30/1ish)
    Shower, moisturize, hit the sack. Get ready to do it all again in a few hours.
    Volunteer church secretary, being an aunt to two teenagers and a preschooler, being a good sister and niece, and dating (if pigs ever fly while hell freezes over).