Requested by Soléna

A Few Objects That Bring Me Joy

I'll add more as I think of them. These came to mind immediately for now!
  1. Rainbow Row, Charleston SC
    This is a cross-stitch my grandma made back in 1979. I've always loved it, so when my folks and I moved in a couple of years ago I called dibs on it!
  2. The Muppets!
    I won this in a Twitter drawing recently and it never fails to make me smile when I see it.
  3. These goobers!
    Clockwise, Rudy the dog, Piglet, Max, Romeo. My sweet babies!
  4. My purse
    I've always been a big heavy purse girl, but last year I needed a lighter crossbody to use during my cruise & excursions. I've since worn this in four different countries and it's now my main bag. After my surgery I couldn't carry heavy things, so I finally "got" the less-is-more thing. (And yes, that's a pin from our very own @boygirlparty on it!)