I had the fun task of chaperoning a church youth group trip to the fair. I decided to document it for y'all as the evening went on.
  1. I'm a little sad that the Demolition Derby is tomorrow, not tonight.
  2. Airbrushed t-shirts are apparently still A Thing.
  3. Fried food, OMG yesssss.
  4. The kids rode this one first.
  5. I got a corn dog, then went around the corner and saw this.
    Mistakes were made tonight. I really wish I could've tried the Frosted Flake Chicken instead.
  6. Neon lights on the midway.
    They have their own strange beauty.
  7. Haunted Houses have changed A LOT since I was a kid.
  8. The view from the Ferris Wheel!
  9. This. This is what I looked forward to all night.
    Delicious, greasy, sugary fried glory. Come. To. Momma.
  10. Of course a fair in a red state has semi-automatic weapons for kids to play with!
  11. The softer side of the fair.
  12. Second-place flower.
  13. This one is a rabbit's foot fern.
  14. Can't have a fair without prize-winning vegetables!
  15. Not pictured: several random people walking around carrying Trump yard signs.
    I assume there was a booth giving them away. Either that, or they are hardcore about their vote.