🍾 and 🍻 to all on this, my first list-iversary. Here's to many, many more.
  1. This is what started it all for me:
    BJ's Instagram. I downloaded that day, but didn't join or list til the 15th. A year ago today.
  2. I knew NOBODY here. No friends were on it, no family.
    I immediately saw the benefits of this. I can be real! I can be me! I don't have to censor myself or avoid certain topics!
  3. I made a few lists.
    Simple, tepid, overly-friendly. Nobody noticed.
  4. Then I got a like. And another.
  5. Then I got a comment. And another.
  6. The whole time, I liked and commented. And followed. And started to share more. And connect more.
  7. Now, by some miracle, I have almost 600 followers. And I follow almost 1,000.
    And the amazing thing is, I don't see those figures as some sort of bragging point, or as a commodity or statistic.
  8. Y'all are my friends. I know you. I love you.
    And that's what I treasure most about list. It's more than just sharing funny pics or selfies or arguing, like other social apps. We talk. We share. We laugh. We cry. We teach. We learn. We rejoice. We mourn.
  9. I don't know if this is what @bjnovak and @dev had in mind when they started this but it's become that.
  10. Many, many thanks to them and @Nicholas and to everyone else behind the scenes, including @listbot, you lovable hunk of metal!
  11. In the tradition of others, here are some early lists of mine that I'm still fond of and that didn't get any attention cause I was a noob at the time!
  12. All this still stands, and I don't have the words for how I'm feeling right now, so...
    Thank you. All of you. From the bottom of my heart.