My great-aunt Evelyn passed away this week. We all called her Aunt Ep. (Of course, we're southern so it sounded like "Ain't Ep.")
  1. She lived to be 92, which is a LONG time.
    Her funeral is today in my hometown, but I couldn't make it.
  2. She was a beautiful woman, inside and out.
    Quiet, loving, kind, encouraging, supportive.
  3. Best example of her kind spirit:
    She and her husband never had children. He died before I was born, so she was a widow for a long time, living alone. She drove, 40 miles each way, to every family gathering we had, every holiday.
  4. Each Christmas Eve my dad's side of the family had a party and swapped gifts.
    Aunt Ep didn't swap names. Instead, she made sure every kid had a gift under the tree. All FIFTEEN of us cousins.
  5. It wasn't much. Usually a puzzle...
  6. ...or a Fun Pad.
  7. No matter what, she included all of us.
    And I'll always love her for it.
  8. One more story!
    My folks are back from the funeral. They learned that during WWII ,Aunt Ep worked in a munitions plant and she was VERY PROUD to have worked for her country and done her part! ♥️💪🏻♥️