My kitty Max has become an expert at saving leftovers. Here are some tips he offered to share with you Listers.
  1. Towel Technique
    Look for a handy dish towel and/or paper towel and place it gently over your bowl.
  2. Placemat Technique
    Use the dish towel that's under the bowl. Simple but effective.
  3. Magazine Technique
    If there aren't any absorbent materials handy, grab the nearest magazine. Here, an Avon catalog fits just right.
  4. Kitchen Sink Technique
    If all else fails (or the food is extra-delicious) you have to pull out the big guns and put EVERYTHING on top of your bowl. Including other bowls, the food dispenser and the water.
  5. Follow these tips and your gooshy food will stay fresh all day!
  6. Thanks for reading, everyone. Love, MAX.