1. Tetris Party (Wii)
    All the addiction of the classic Nintendo version, but with online competition and tournaments with prizes (I even won some!) But now there's no online option so it's just not as fun.
  2. Super Mario Brothers I, II and III (Nintendo)
    Classics, all of them. Iconic music and characters, and I have so many memories of playing with my kid brothers.
  3. Cool Spot (Super Nintendo)
    This one doesn't seem to be a favorite for anyone else but me. It featured Spot, the animated red dot from 7-up soda, who made adorable squeaks and chirps throughout the game.
  4. Galaga (arcade)
    Lost many a quarter to this, and still play whenever I come across a machine!
  5. Journey Escape (Atari 2600)
    Did you know the band Journey had a video game at the height of the Atari craze? I still remember the 8-but version of "Don't Stop Believing" that played throughout.
  6. Pong
    Ok, so it's not the BEST, but it changed the world and I thought my uncle was the most badass uncle ever when he got this and let us play in the 1970s!