I need some advice y'all. I'm going to be keeping it real in this list, so please be gentle. ☺️
  1. I need to lose weight.
    It's not just for cosmetic reasons anymore. I have arthritis, pre-diabetes, borderline high blood pressure, an elevated HBA1C despite high doses of Metformin, etc.
  2. I have issues with the process of losing weight.
    Thanks to PCOS, my metabolism isn't the same as most people. I eat very normally, but am still 100+ pounds over where I'd like to be. (And yes, I know "normal" is highly subjective).
  3. I have huge anxiety around diet and exercise.
    I've always been uncoordinated and shy, and my body has never cooperated with any attempts to control it or change it or make it healthier. Plus I've had little criticisms thrown my way for years from well-meaning doctors, friends, family. And, let's face it, good food is good fun, and restricting that feels like punishment.
  4. I spoke to a bariatric surgeon recently.
    My endocrinologist, my orthopedist, my primary care, all of them recommend gastric bypass. It's not an easy out, I know, but it may be the only way I can permanently lose the weight I need to.
  5. My insurance won't cover it. At all.
    They won't cover anything bariatric. Surgery, meds, any of it. It's possible to self-finance the surgery, but it's close to $20,000. I don't have that kind of money, though it's tempting to sell a few organs or gut my 401K to pay for it.
  6. I know I need to start tracking my food intake anyway. I need to know how I'm currently doing.
  7. Here's where I need yall's help.
  8. Are there ANY calorie/nutrient tracking apps that DON'T center around setting a goal and judging you for not reaching it? And don't have social interaction?
    It's not motivating for me to see if I'm "winning" or not, and I don't like other people seeing what I'm eating/doing. Again, ANXIETY.
  9. I just want to list what I'm eating and see a total. I don't want charts, goals, badges, social media, other people seeing what I'm eating, criticism, judgement, anything like that.
    I've tried Loseit and MyFitnessPal. No on both of these. The others in the App Store seem like they're similar.