1. I installed a window cat flap/door last week!
    I live in the basement, so my window opens at ground level. Perfect, right? Plus it's behind a bush for extra privacy.
  2. Romeo loves it. He can go in and out anytime.
  3. Max, on the other hand?
  4. He hasn't quite figured it out yet.
  5. I show him repeatedly how the flap opens and closes, how he only has to nudge it open and he's FREE.
    "Watch what your brother does, FFS!"
  6. But I get this.
  7. And this.
  8. He just sits and waits and meows pitifully for me to come open the flap and let him in.
  9. Maybe he's not quite as brilliant as I thought he was.
  10. Any tips on how to "train" a cat? 😹
    Totally a #firstworldproblem, I know!
  11. UPDATE: 🎉HE DID IT!!🎉
    I knew my boy was a genius! 😹