Tried to make a Cinnabon cinnamon roll kit last night, only to be doomed by a crappy oven. I documented it, though, so here goes:
  1. I mixed the dough in my mom's glorious Kitchenaid.
  2. Here Mom is kneading and pressing the dough out.
    Aren't her hands amazing? You can see every vein and tendon and ligament. Those hands have done A LOT in their 71 years.
  3. All rolled up and ready to go.
  4. Here she's using thread to cut through the dough quickly and easily.
    Knives squish the rolls too much, destroying their shape and displacing the filling.
  5. And we're rolling and rolling again for the second batch.
    We added a few walnuts to this batch for extra flavor.
  6. Looking good!
  7. Here's my hands, icing the rolls that emerged overdone from the oven.
    Cooked too long in an oven that's hard to regulate, on a rack too low.
  8. We decided it's Cinnabon Biscotti instead of rolls.
    Still tasty, just very crunchy. What a disappointment.