Inspired by @BrentMWiggins (Close Encounters of The Girl Kind) These are times my little naive self interacted with the opposite sex and came away just baffled. (It still happens more often than I'd like to admit as an adult, which probably explains why I'm still single!)
  1. Fifth Grade
    Richie B sat in front of me and we talked all the time. He picked on me all the time, too. One day he was playing with a rubber band and wrapped it around his finger until it turned purple, laughing at how upset I got. I was hysterical, telling him to take it off, and it was one of the few times I ever got in trouble in class.
  2. Sixth Grade-Eighth Grade
    Bill E develops a habit of leaning over to sing to me anytime the teacher leaves the room, or if we have free time before/after class. What does he sing? "Girl I Want Your Body" by the Jacksons. WHY?!? Later he adds "Jamie Used to Be My Girl" by Ray Parker Jr. to the mix. He never speaks to me otherwise. Ever. 🤔
  3. Ninth Grade
    David V strikes up a conversation in the lunch line. D: Your name's Jamie? Me: Yes. D: Like Jamie Lee Curtis? Me: Yep. D: She's hot. Me: I guess so. D: You wish you looked like her? Me: Sure. D: I wish you did, too. Me: 😟
  4. Tenth Grade
    Scot L and I become good friends, flirt and admit we like each other, then he just...disappeared into thin air. Rumor at school was he moved back in with his dad in another state. I can't find anything online about him to this day. So weird.
  5. Eleventh Grade
    Lake H and I have Drivers Ed together and on days we're not driving, we cut class and hang out behind the cafeteria, talking. We start to get close and even hang out a few evenings together. Prom time comes and goes and he doesn't ask me. The Monday after I asked him if he went & how it was. He said "I didn't go. I was waiting for SOMEBODY to mention it but they never did." Me: 😮😕😡
  6. So yeah, there you go, @BrentMWiggins - boys are just as mysterious as girls!