Requested by @gd3
  1. I'm going to take this literally and actually close my eyes and report back.
  2. Here we go...😑
  3. And I'm back!
  4. I see darkness and swirls and a few amoeba-looking shapes.
  5. I'm a little jealous of those who see vivid pictures and entire scenes played out. I've never had that.
  6. I dream, vividly at times. I can imagine scenes and clearly remember things long-gone (sights, smells, sounds, etc.)
    But my mind just doesn't visualize clearly. I have deep knowledge/awareness of things & people, and recognize them if I experience them in real life. I just don't SEE things like that. It's more of a feeling, internally.
  7. My mind's eye is more...esoteric? Abstract? I'm not sure what word to use.
  8. One thing I'm good at, though, is listening to music in my head. I can think of a song to play back in my mind. Like an internal iTunes.
    I'm also GREAT at imaginary conversations!
  9. But I just don't SEE much when I close my eyes.
    Sorry! 😊